Stricker-Newsletter November 2021

New unpacking and installation videos, Discount action: 36V battery 8.3Ah 300 Watt, RehaTreff test report: The power package, The Crossbike in the list of aids, Lipo Smart as 48 Volt system, ...


November 2021
New unpacking and installation videos

With our new unpacking and installation videos, we provide our customers with step-by-step instructions on how to unpack and adjust the handbikes and power assist devices in video form.

In this way, we want to make our products more accessible, so that even people without a technical background can effortlessly achieve a convincing result. The videos are already available in German, English and Spanish are currently in production. We are open to other language versions and welcome translation requests from our sales partners, for example. 

The videos on Youtube
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To the installation video
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Discount action: 36V battery 8.3Ah 300 Watt
We offer our customers another promotion on an additional 36V battery with 8.3Ah 300 watts. The advantage of the additional battery is not only the increase in range, but also allows transport during air travel. The battery is compatible with all 36V models of the Lipo Lomo model range.

We offer the battery from 166,39 € net or for 198,00 € gross. The battery is available under item number 631509-0, please specify this in your order.

Please understand that this offer is only valid for the order of additional batteries and cannot be combined with power assist device orders. Freight charges are plus. Further discounts are excluded. The promotion is valid until revoked or while stocks last.

RehaTreff test report: The power package

„I have already tested numerous power assist devices and always came at some point the moment when physics prevailed and either the front wheel spun on inclines or the engine power was no longer sufficient. Presumably, this moment also exists for the Crossbike, but I have not experienced it.“

The whisper-quiet "Power Package" is not only a term for the Crossbike, but also the title of the article of the same name in RehaTreff - Das Magazin für Menschen mit Mobilitätseinschränkung (RehabTreff - The Magazine for People with Reduced Mobility) by Werner Pohl, from which the quote originates. What other experiences Mr. Pohl had with the Crossbike can be read in his test report on our website.

To the article "Tried out: The Stricker Crossbike"
The Crossbike in the list of aids

Aid numbers are issued by the German National Association of Health Insurance Funds (Spitzenverband Bund der Krankenkassen). They serve as an orientation aid in the supply of medical aids and offer enormous added value for consumers, as they can be included in the cost absorption by health insurance companies. 

We therefore make every effort to organize suitable aid numbers for our products. The newly acquired aid number of the Crossbike is:

Learn more about the Crossbike
Lipo Smart as 48 Volt system
The Lipo Smart is now also available as an optional 48 Volt system. This gives the Lipo Smart not only more power, but also more range!

Now the Lipo Smart in the 48-volt variant also receives a modern design, which is particularly noticeable by the flat battery and the slim control housing.

The 48-volt system provides more torque. This is particularly helpful when starting on an incline.

The display, as is usual with the Lipo Smart, is omitted. The capacity of the battery is displayed on the control box. A dual battery system with switch is now only possible in combination with a Waldkilo carrier and the mounting option of the batteries on the axle is no longer given. All mechanical components of the Lipo Smart remain unchanged. 
The model designation is LS48V and has a surcharge of 690.00 € net. Retrofitting the 48 volt system to existing Lipo Smart models is currently not possible. The Lipo Smart 48-Volt system will find a place on our website in the future and will also be included in the new price list that is currently being processed.

Cover for batteries with elongated shape

A battery is not only the energy storage device of any electric vehicle, it is also one of the most important and expensive components. Therefore, this is particularly worth protecting. To better protect your battery against external influences, we offer a cover in our range.

The cover shields the battery against light shocks, scratches and weather. In addition, it protects in harsh environments against moisture, dust and stone chips. It fits all current Lipo batteries with elongated shape. The cover does not fit 36 volt, lead gel or neodrives batteries. The retail price is 12,00 € net or 14,28 € gross, the item number is 632170-0.

Ruby red instead of Dormant red
Once again, we are revising our house colors, as we have decided to remove Dormant Red from our range.

As a successor, we would like to introduce a noble Ruby Red. Ruby Red is a medium-dark shade and convinces with a noble simplicity.

Image from Miguel Nonay -
Price adjustment

The market is constantly evolving and is unstoppable. Companies must therefore follow the market and act dynamically in order to survive in it.

Increased raw material and fuel prices, inflation and other market conditions are forcing companies around the world to adjust their prices, which also affects us. We therefore also have to be dynamic and adjust our prices.

We see this decision as necessary in order to be able to continue to produce in the best quality - made in Germany - to maintain our service and to survive on the market in the future. We will announce the price adjustments with the new price list and implement them at the beginning of next year. Until the implementation, the prices, except for accessories, remain in place.

Stricker brand ambassador

Are you excited about our handbikes and power assist devices and would like them to improve the quality of life of many other people as well? Are you planning a special project where you would like to incorporate our products? Then contact us today and let us be part of your creative ideas. We are very excited and look forward to achieving great things together!

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