Powerful handbikes that move body and soul

Everyday devices that enable participation and make barriers a thing of the past - this is exactly what we want to offer people with limited mobility. That's why we develop innovative adaptive handbikes that are available manually, electrically powered or as a hybrid

With our specially developed Stricker clamp system, our handbikes can be attached quickly and easily to almost any wheelchair - without the need for an additional adapter. In this way we ensure that wheelchairs can still be folded for transport.

You will also find complete systems in our range. All Stricker handbikes, power assist devices and complete systems are available in different sizes, colours and designs. They can be equipped with practical accessories like luggage racks, bags or trailers. We would be happy to help you find a suitable model and accessories that meet your needs.

Look forward to unique experiences and enjoy a self-determined life. 

With the Lipo Lomo Mirco we have managed to shrink our all-rounder, the Lipo Lomo to make it more transportable.

The Lipo Lomo electric handbike is a real all-rounder with its high motor power, riding comfort and a GKV aid number.

The Lipo Lomo Pico is small, light, stable and has a lot of power. Compactly folded, the Lipo Lomo Pico also accompanies you on your air and cruise trips.

With the powerful Crossbike you will experience a fast ride on any terrain with enormous engine power. In addition to a great freedom of configuration, the modern design also stands out.

Functionality meets modern design: Discover the powerful Lomo GX - progress and design in one

Functionality meets modern design: discover the compact Micro GX - progress and design in one

The Smart Dynamic sets new standards in mobility with high performance, excellent mountain capability and minimised risk of overheating, all based on the innovative Gojo drive system.

The Ultra helps to increase one's own athletic performance and get fitter with lots of fun. This allows future activities to be experienced with ease thanks to the many gears.

The city handbike boasts low maintenance requirements and is child's play to operate.

Even more action and even more adventure. Performance is everything here. The Lipo Smart Wild is the hybrid brother of the Lipo Crossbike - that's noticeable.

The city handbike boasts low maintenance requirements and is child's play to operate.

Hilly and slightly mountainous terrain are a safe pleasure with the manual handbike City Max. With a 24-speed dynamic you remain highly flexible.

The Stricker Handbike City Compact is compact due to the easy-to-use folding mechanism and therefore ideal for transporting when travelling, shopping and in public traffic.

With the Lomo 360, the wheelchair becomes an all-terrain tricycle in no time at all. Simply clamp it to the front frame of the wheelchair, flip the lever and start rolling.

The city handbike boasts low maintenance requirements and is child's play to operate.

Intelligent pedelec sensors enable safe, hybrid riding fun for more freedom and participation.

Participation and overcoming the limits of the possible are the aspirations of youth. With the City Youth these dreams and freedom become reality.