Tricycle fun with electric or ergonomic crank drive

Complete systems have one wheel at the front and two wheels at the back - that makes them special. Pedals are superfluous here and muscle training is included. At least among the crank models. Whether purely manual or equipped with a neodrives or lipo drive engine - either way you are in line with the trend. The choice is up to you. Sitting or recumbent, you will enjoy optimal riding dynamics and a high degree of stability in a modern design. The compact systems can be disassembled easily and fast and are therefore easy to transport. Due to their individually adaptable equipment from touring to sports bikes, they leave hardly any desire open. It is clear that neither our Lupo, Puma or Jaguar models can move mountains. But who says that riding around or over them is not at least as much fun?

The three wheel Puma bikes are highly versatile, tilt-resistant and ideal for enthusiastic cyclists with limited mobility. Also available electrically.

The Stricker model Lupo is available manually or with an electric drive. Easy to disassemble, the touring bike is ideal for transport.

Jaguar models offer maximum safety and stability on tours. They can easily be customised and also be equipped with an electric motor.