As change makers and pioneers of powerful handbikes, we break down barriers worldwide and enable people with limited mobility to participate in life independently and self-determined.

Our five pillars of value

We are pioneers

Every single person is important to us. Every customer, every business partner and every employee. We emphasize the "we", because together we want to achieve great things, improve lives and make the impossible possible. We are genuine, honest and transparent people who share joy, appreciate other people's efforts and contribute to each other's personal growth.

Customers are our priority

Our customers are our true heroes. Their desires and requests are the benchmark and motivation for perfect results. We do what we do because we want to make a difference for you and contribute to your well-being. We appreciate your loyalty and trust and are always available for a personal conversation if you have any questions or concerns. Smooth order processing from quotation to on-time dispatch is a matter of course for us. Test your dream handbike without obligation on our production side, with a sales representative near you or at our next event. We are present at trade shows and events throughout Europe. Our goal is a trustful and cooperative partnership. Click here to say "Hello".

We break down barriers

Your needs are always our driving force for innovation. With our self-developed adaptive systems we offer a compact solution with many model variations. Thanks to the Stricker Clamp System, Stricker Handbikes can quickly and easily be attached to almost any type of wheelchair without needing an additional adapter. Depending on the requirements, we offer different and individually manufactured devices that meet almost all needs. Whether you'd like to continue relying on your own muscle power, to switch on an electronic power assistance or prefer solely an electric motor - in our repertoire you'll find the right model in an attractive design and high quality!

We do the right things right

The durability of our products and a high standard of quality in our daily work is important to us. Your safety is our priority! All devices have a CE-sign. For purely electric handbikes up to 15 km/h a German road traffic approval is optionally possible. All Lipo Lomo models meet the requirements of EN12184.

We are game-changers

We do our best to make a difference every day. We create something worth creating that will stand the test of time. We do this by focusing tirelessly on the quality of life of wheelchair users. It is our passion to meet new challenges and make a difference through our talents and hard work. We enjoy making the world a better place for people with limited mobility and breaking down barriers. That is our unsurpassed vision.


An inclusive world in which people with disabilities are able to move around with no barriers in their everyday lives, travel autonomously and experience their own personal adventures.
A small travel group on the road with the Lomo 360 in Chile in a beautiful tropical forest.
A customer with a manual Stricker handbike in front of a wall.
A sales representative on an adventurous crossbike test ride.