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Smart Wild

Smart Wild

In life, it's moments that count. Think of the magnificent view of the valley that opens up to you when you take a short rest on top of a mountain. Thanks to its powerful engine, this hybrid handbike has an extremely good uphill traction. It also offers comfortable travel safety and a high braking efficiency thanks to its wide and particularly grippy tyre. An adventure that never seems to end. The Smart Wild brings life into ordinary days. Turn the cranks once and off you go! You are fast and literally have everything under control. The agile acceleration gives you an overwhelming feeling of freedom, not least thanks to the built-in cruise control. Whether on roads, gravel roads or off the beaten track - the Smart Wild makes every moment of your ride a very special one.

Optional equipment 

  • TÜV road traffic approval for speeds above 6km/h up to 15 km/h
  • Double brake (one brake lever with 2 bowden cables)
  • Second battery (to increase range)
  • Cruise control
  • Various kickstands 
  • Weights in new and standard design
  • Various tyre types with on-road and off-road versions
  • Indicator system 
  • Klickfix holder for bags and baskets
  • Waldkilo carrier, standard carrier, basket & bags
  • Rear-view mirror
  • Hydraulic disc brake
  • Adapter for wheelchairs with removable footrests
  • Any available RAL-colour


 Type of drive Transmission-free wheel hub motor
 Engine 1500 Watts

max. 30 km/h, in the German road traffic, hybrid handbikes are authorised for speeds of up to 15 km/h.

Please note that for speeds over 6 km/h a TÜV test is required in Germany.

 Gear shift 16 gears
 Wheel size 20 inch
 Battery  Standard: Lithium-Ion battery (48V / 13Ah / 624Wh)
Optional: Lithium-Ion battery (48V / 17Ah / 816Wh)
 Battery recuperation Yes
 Battery weight 4kg
 Battery charger 48V 2A
 Battery charging time 6,5h
 Battery air transport Not suitable
 Transport weight  26kg (without battery, without kick stand) - 30kg (inkl. battery)
 Total weight  35kg (incl. a 2.5kg weight on each side)
 Max. load weight 120kg
 Range 13Ah battery: 50km (in flat terrain)
17Ah battery: 65km (in flat terrain)
 Cranks Bullhorn cranks
 Minimal transport size 330cm circumference
 Brake 2 brake calipers on one disc brake, engine brake
 Chainring top 24/56

20x2.25 - 2.75 

The tyres are moped tyres. They are very durable and long-lasting for many many 1000 km.

Controller Modern motor control with smooth regulation and dynamic acceleration, 5 speed levels, protection against overheating and undervoltage, non-removable key switch in ON position, IP67 protection class, hidden wires with water-proof plug-in system.
 Display High-resolution, high-contrast display that remains easily readable even in sunlight. Speedometer with speed display, visual power indication for energy consumption and recuperation, riding distance, riding time, maximum speed, total kilometers and average speed. USB port on display to charge e.g. smartphones while riding.
 Basic equipment

Thumb throttle up to 15 km/h with crank motion of 25 km/h
Pedelec sensor
LED front light 48V with integrated horn
Lithium battery 13A with capacity indicator incl. charger
Brake cut-off switch and recuperation function
Control panel for controlling the system on the display
Battery operated tail light
Bullhorn cranks, ergonomic handles
Teflon chain protection tube
Chain guard at the top
Position clamps
Mudguard that protects from dirt and water

 Colour black-matt, silver

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