City Max

What makes the "City Max" model so special is its dynamic gearshift system including 24 gears. This allows you to master slightly hilly or mountainous terrain without any problems and to remain flexible on short journeys as well as on long distances.

  • Various tyres
  • Cranks and planetary drives
  • Various kick stands
  • Chain protection
  • Klickfix holder
  • Luggage carrier, bag & basket
  • Reverse gear
  • Tetra equipment
  • Special colours (RAL)


 Type of drive Chain drive
 Wheel size 20 inch
 Gear shift 11-speed hub gears Shimano
 Breaks Disk-brake and V-brake
 Position gear shift and brake lever Click switch on the handle
 Chainring  44/32/14 
 Cranks Bullhorn cranks
 Total weight 15 kg
 Display Tachometer with speed display, distance travelled, driving time, max. speed, total kilometres and average speed
 Basic equipment  Front & rear light
 Automatic catch
 Position clamps
 Teflon chain protection tubes
 Colour black, black matt, metallic silver, dormant night blue, dormant fire red 
 Max. loading weight 120kg

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Stricker - City Max

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